European memory and identity: challenges and perspectives

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WE-UE research comprehends two research projects: 


"Collective memory and European Identity: United in Diversity"

"Reconciling an Irreconcilable Past: Law, Memory and Identity in the Western Balkans"


The research activities are focused on a wide range of memory-related topics, including both the

EU level and national dimensions: 

- nationalism, nation-building and collective memory

- European memory and identity

- relationship between European memory and national memories

- places of memory 

- importance of European memory for the future of Europe

- the impact of WWII and Soviet communism on national memories and identities

- resurgence of nationalism in Europe

- national and transnational processes of identity construction

- memory wars

- memory laws

- ethics of memory

- right to the truth

- EU soft law on remembrance

- relationship between collective memory and constitutional identity 

- memory, democracy, illiberal turns

- communist nostalgia and ethnic nationalism in the Western Balkans